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Where Animation is Headed in 2017

Where Animation is Headed in 2017

Growth of Virtual Reality VR enters a make-or-break phase as the big tech companies vie to develop the best devices and create enough content to build audience share. Will storytelling in VR develop enough to keep people coming back once the novelty of the tech has worn off a bit? There are a good few more years to go before we know the answer to this one, but I think it has a great future Read more about Where Animation is Headed in 2017[…]

Morton Salt “Neighbors”

Morton Salt “Neighbors”

Morton Salt “Neighbors” from the ever-talented Marc Craste at StudioAKA revisits a familiar theme in that people don’t know what their pets are up to when they’re not looking. The character animation performances are absolutely delightful, and the look is a fresh 3D take on what would have traditionally been done in 2D. This one will be popular with dog lovers everywhere! content from:

BBC Connected Studios project “We Wait”

We Wait

The BBC Connected Studios project “We Wait” was an experimentation in immersive news and using VR to create a strong emotional connection between viewer and subject. Exploring the Syrian migration crisis as a group of families attempt to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe, the subject matter was intrinsically engaging. This mainly used the Unity pipeline (learn more about what that is here) but again the driver for us was getting the emotional impact of the story. Read more about We Wait[…]

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Investment in Virtual Reality

Technologically, 2016 was the year that virtual reality took its first significant steps in animated storytelling. Animation is uniquely suited to VR as you can control precisely the interaction between the viewer and the subject the viewer is looking at. The movement of the headset can trigger a precise action in the animated character, bringing an immediacy and intimacy to interaction. Aardman has now delivered two big VR projects for Google and the BBC, and we have Read more about Investment in Virtual Reality[…]