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Delivering excellent jobs on schedule, at the good rate...
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Website Design

We help Companies, Professional individual create stunning Websites for their business and brands within 5 business days…

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Graphics Design

We design and Print on CDs, Professional/ Business standard Flyers, Banner, Bulletin and ID cards at an affordable price…

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Musical Training

We teach and train individuals, Groups of an organization (Choir department, Schools) Music, how to Sing, play different musical instruments and better site read.

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Cartoon Animation

Let’s Create a smart animation to illustrate and better tell your story to your targeted Audience for an affordable price

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Script Writing

We write and format screenplays in a standard form, for Film productions and we also Copyright for businesses and products.

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Photo and Video Coverage

Let’s help you do the Photo and Video coverage of your Events, Ceremonies, Parties, Weddings, birthdays, Conference and Programs by our Professionals…


You can also find us on Youtube, where we've posted most of our Videos.

About Us

Ezra Creative Productions

We create Cartoon Animation, Graphics and Website designs, for Personal, Business and Professional uses.

We edit Videos, We train individuals who have passion in Music and are interested in learning how to play the musical instrument.

We have Professionals who are proficient in Developing, Designing, Editing and Animating software's...

We design websites within 5 business days, and within 24 hours for other smaller Projects. You only pay us when the Job is done, from any part of the Globe or location.

  • World Class stunning website for your Business and Brand, Our Graphics at it's best...

  • Impacting and changing our world through excellent music and Tutoring excellent minds in different aspects and genres of music.

  • We create Professional 2d Cartoon Animation, White board and Motion Graphics animations for your needs.

  • We write and format all form of screenplay in world standard to suit your need.


Meet some of our Creative Personel

Ezra Nwachukwu

I’m an Artist. I create Cartoon Animation, Graphics and Website designs, for Personal, Business and Professional use, I edit Videos and Teach music…

Ibitola Kenny

Voice Artist
A voice Artist, Actress, drama Coordinator and event planner.

Sarah Wealth

Script Writer
Multi Talented Script writer, and an Excellent instructor…

Peter Adache

Piano Instructor
Service/Program director, Keyboardist and a drummer.

We would like to hear from you, any opinion or contribution of yours is highly welcome.

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